Da House

We do not ride a lot, we do not kill the trails, we do not get all eyes on us…

but we do our best and we do have fun doing this wonderful sport!!!!


get a taste of it

Our Site is a mix of all our hobbies, get a taste of it here below

  • Photography – Snailssage is the guru of photography and all the pics in the site are the result of his immense skill 😛
  • Mountainbiking – this is of course the main topic of the site…
  • Creativity – Snailsdevil pretend to be the artist of the crew and try to get the shop running with all his creations, so far we might have bought a couple of tires based on the income of the shop… but keep up the good work. 😛
  • Fix gear bikes – Snailsfix is for sure the master of fixies, with his Cinelli Mash and all the millions of pictures taken on instagram…
  • Drones – This is new and we have no video so far but we are working on it and we have big plans for the next months coming
  • Video editing – no time for that but we have tons fo GB of GoPro video waiting for editing… 🙂

who are we

This is the core riding crew, Snailssage, Snailsdevil and Snailsfix. We ride for fun and to get some adrenaline rushes that we do not get behind a computer screen or in a office meeting. 🙂

The group is actually bigger and we have a lot of friends and followers all around the world which we mainly interact via instagram or whatsapp.

I hope you enjoy our page and you can have good use of it.



This is our shop where you have to spend your money and make us rich, so that we can ride even more and on better bikes and we can buy our safety gear and ride longer!!!